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Year 6 received training in First Aid this week from Steve from KidZco. As well as practicing CPR and other life saving techniques, the children put on bandages and explored

the equipment carried in an ambulance.


Steve talked to the children about assessing a situation using the DRAB technique; how to put someone in the recovery position; how to perform CPR on a range of dummies and how to tie different types of bandages.


Steve had brought along a fully equipped ambulance and was able to show the children how back-boards and stretchers are used to carry patients. It certainly kept a few quiet while they were restrained! Steve also used his skills as a make up artist to create some very convincing wounds on some of the children!


A School Visit Report

Some for the children's comments:


I think the first aid was fab!!! and I would love to do it again!!! (Bailey)


I had a great time learning what to do if we are ever involved in something like that. I would really love to do it again!!!!!!!! (Phoebe)


It was really fun and I loved practicing on the dummies. (Lily)



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